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20 FAQ's from Seniors

1.  New to 50+ group / empty nesters?  What do I do NOW?

2.  How do I structure my life to "Experience it ALL"?

3.  How do I tackle my Bucket List?

4.  How do I connect with others through social media such as Facebook, Twitter, You Tube and others?

5.  How do I avoid scams and bad people, especially those targeting seniors?

6.  Who do I contac for taxes and financial help?

7.  How much insurance and what type of insurance should I have now on properties I own?

8.  Going through a hardship?  Who can I call and how can they help?

9.  Who do I contact to start the process of looking at my housing options and what best fits my lifestyle?

10.  I want to stay in my home - How can I best modify my home to stay here?

11.  How do I find contractors I can trust to make those modifications?

12.  Reverse Mortgage - What is it and is it right for me?  Who do I contact?

13.  How can I maintain my home easier and who can I call when I need maintenance help?

14.  How can I improve my energy costs?

15.  I want to move.  What is the market doing and what can I expect - step by step?

16.  What do I need to do to prepare to sell my home?  De-cluttering, downsizing tips and strategies?

17.  What is important to me when I chose my next location:  church, family, friends, weather, health care, transportation?

18.  Who do I call to help me move?

19.  What is the best way to guide my parents or other aging family members?  Who do I refer them to for dependable advise?

20.  What is AARP, SRES, MLS and some of those other alphabet soups?

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